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Do you want the feeling of walking barefoot without hurting yourself or your children ?

Sandrine T. - Annecy "My children love playing in the garden and parks barefoot. Until my 9-year-old Alain hurt his foot. It was a nightmare to let him walk barefoot after that. Until I discovered these ultra-flexible shoes. I had to buy them for my 3 children because Alain loves them so much. So everyone's happy ;-) ..."

Why MagicWalker™?

Do your kids love to play outside? ⛺ MagicWalker™ is the benchmark shoe you should consider when letting your kids play outside. No need to worry about them getting hurt anymore! Enjoy peace of mind while your kids play safely with their MagicWalker™ in their little pieds🏕️

Durable construction

All-terrain footwear - To withstand hundreds of miles of use while retaining a flexible, thin sole (3 mm), MagicWalker™ are made from premium anti-abrasive polymers.

Your advantages :

  • Ultra-light (5.64 Oz / Pair) and Compact : roll them up and put them in your pockets, they'll follow you everywhere - from your garden to the park or hiking trails.
  • Unrivalled flexibility : awaken your children's postural muscles and let them reconnect with nature while being protected from its dangers.
  • Durability and high quality : From the breathable, antibacterial fiber to the waterproof, anti-abrasive polymer sole - their feet and toes will be safe and dry while experiencing unrivalled comfort and freedom.

Features :

  • Weight: 5.64 Oz per pair
  • Material : Polyester, cotton and waterproof anti-abrasive polymer for the sole

What size am I?

Measure the length of your foot to make your choice easier

Easy care :

A - Machine wash your MagicWalker™ - delicate cycle 30° C / 86° F.

B  - Air dry them - do not put in the dryer.

C - Store them out of the sun and dry.