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Clément Fagot: An extraordinary adventure

On two wheels, by bike, a golden adventure,
From one end of the world to the other, from Angers to the North Cape.
In some ways, it's a selfish project,
But it also has an altruistic purpose.

Take for starters, a crazy idea:
An idyllic journey through dreamlike landscapes,
Chosen solitude, "ride or die" stages,
Clement weather, the midnight sun.

Sprinkle with encounters, add bivouacs,
Dopamine, endorphins, chill out in the hammock;
Finally, serotonin, an explosive cocktail.

In conclusion, this shameless moral:
Going down is often less time-consuming than going up...
In short, stretch your money.
Prose version:
The initial idea was enticing, a physical and solidarity challenge: to surpass oneself for a good cause, on a mythical route. Before the start, even when presenting the project, doubts were present. They slowly dissipated as the kilometers went by serenely.
Although I'd expected it, the profusion of superb landscapes gave me quite a kick. On the other hand, I didn't expect so many wonderful encounters, with a multitude of people revealing the singularity of the quest for happiness.
If I like spending so much time in the saddle, it's above all for the freedom/safety compromise offered by this strange horse: in 100km, the landscapes change progressively, to my great amazement.

Immense gratitude to those who have supported me: partners for their material endowment, friends and family for their constant support, friends for their touching messages/like/heart, kind strangers I've met for their kind words, etc.

Last but not least, I'm very proud of the amount raised (which will continue to rise!!) for Action Contre la Faim thanks to you (8760 euros). It colours my selfish journey in a spirit of solidarity.
"Klem qui roule amasse du flouze" is over! The kitty's still open for a while, so click away! Time to recuperate in Lofoten with a friend. Then it's time to think about going home. Savor the beauty of the moments we've lived, and build for the future.

One last time, I'd like to thank you (SummitView360 with their LightRunner Ultra) for your invaluable support in this wonderful adventure!

Clément Fagot

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